How I Doubled, Then Doubled Again My Portfolio of Web Pages, Not Domain Names

First, let’s concentrate on one key fact- it is a web page, not a domain name that has any value. Yes, I know domain names that have never had a website can hold very high value by themselves (short dot-com’s, keywords, etc), but a site with traffic is potentially worth way more money, not to mention residual income from ads or affiliate programs. I recently moved some sites from one server to another, and during that move, I noticed something that instantly offered me a way to double everything, then double that again! Continue reading

How to Get Rich, For Real

When I was a young man of about twenty, I worked for a pretty dumb guy named George, who owned two auto body shops (along with five tow trucks, two business properties and a beautiful home). He couldn’t pronounce a lot of words correctly, his handwriting was impossible to read (unless you were him), and he was very indecisive, changing his mind daily about company goals. He was the richest guy I knew at that time in my life, worth well over 2-million dollars in 1980.
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Make $100 a Day Online Start Today Free Ebook

Here is an ebook that lays out a simple plan for making money online. This is guaranteed to work. I do it regularly myself. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It will require some work! But if you are web-savvy enough to make a web page you can do this. All the resources are there and there are no hidden fees. Continue reading

The Million Dollar Homepage Idea

Did you hear the one about some kid who had a million-dollar idea? He figured, since his web page had one million pixels, if he could sell each pixel for one dollar, he’d make a million bucks. And it worked. He found enough people willing to spend a one-time amount of one dollar per pixel. Then he made their ad accordingly. This is a true success story. I only wish I had thought of it!

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